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Getting here by private boat

West End is a favorite among Florida boaters and boat clubs with most current charts and GPS systems offering known routes directly here from most all Florida locations.  Customs & Immigrations are located at the Old Bahama Bay Marina.

Old Bahama Bay GPS Coordinates

26º 42.189N  |  78º 59.872W

Daylight approach: From a distance of a 5 miles, a red and white stripped water tower identifies West End. Closer in, two entry jetties mark the entrance to the marina. There is a 30 foot weather service monitoring tower at the tip of the portside jetty.

Night time approach: Red & Green navigation lights at the end of the entry jetties are visible from approximate 3-5 miles.

To enter The Islands Of The Bahamas, private vessels need digital submission of forms and on-line pleasure vessel clearance from Click 2 Clear.  For detailed information and instructions, visit Click 2 Clear information page.

Getting here by plane

Scheduled air access is via Grand Bahama Island International Airport in Freeport (FPO), which is 26 miles from West End.  The airport is serviced by American Eagle, Silver Airways, Delta, Bahamasair, and many others including several charter operations.


Taxi fare is approximately $70 each way for 2 persons and $5 for every extra person.  Airport is 26 miles from resort and drive takes approximately 45 minutes. Rental Cars are also available at the airport and in West End.  Driving is on the LEFT side of the road.

The West End Airport is a great option for charter flights and private pilots.  The airport is a daytime only, VFR only, operation.  The airport is open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm.  The ICAO code is MYGW and the IATA code is WTD.

Only aircraft which have been pre-approved by West End Airport Management and Bahamas ATC may land. To obtain approval, please contact Ashley Smith, Airport Manager, 242-727-1335 


Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Getting Here by Sea Plane

Let your adventure begin the moment you board your personal seaplane with Tropic Ocean Airways! Fly direct to West End by sea plane, or a larger caravan and land right at West End Airport (MYGW). Tropic has been bringing passengers right to our doorstep (or beach...) for years.  Enjoy a seamless flying experience starting with complimentary valet in Fort Lauderdale, a private boarding experience, a quick flight above the cerulean waters of The Bahamas, culminating in an exhilarating water landing. This is truly luxury in every sense.  Through our strategic partnership with Tropic, you can plan for up to 8 passengers per flight, guaranteeing personalized service and endless views of the shimmering ocean and rates are surprisingly affordable.  Contact them through our exclusive booking contact:

About Tropic Ocean Airways

Two Pilot Crew - Standard

13 Planes in fleet

Cessna Caravans for up to 8 passengers

Can land/takeoff from land or water

Convenient, exclusive FBO boarding experience

For information on getting to Grand Bahama Island and to West End - Click Here.

Golf Carts

As of March 2022, Old Bahama Bay is renting golf carts for resort and villa guests! Price is $80 (24hrs) ; $30 (per hr). Call 1 800 329 0068 or 1 242 602 5171 to reserve. 

(prices subject to change)

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